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You are here on this website, because you are already convinced that Python is one of the best programming languages in the world today, if not the best one! It's designed both to optimise the productivity of the software developers and to guarantee software quality. Maybe you are now looking for a high quality Python course by a renowned Python trainer? We hope that you will find the right Python training for you on this website.
The following diagram depicts the possible topics which can be covered in our training courses. It is possible to arrange the Python topics according to the needs of your company or institute, if you book an on-site training class:

topics of our python courses and trainings

Python Training Courses

Due to the corona pandemic, we are currently running all courses online. Further Information!


Python Intensive Course:
    21st of Aug - 25th of Aug , 2019
Python Course: Level II:
    7th of Nov - 11st of Nov , 2019


Python Course for Data Analysis and Machine Learning:
    10th of Aug - 14th of Aug , 2020
    31st of Aug - 4th of Sep , 2020
Python Intensive Course:
    14th of Dec - 18th of Dec , 2020
Python Text Processing and Computer Linguistics Course:
    14th of Dec - 18th of Dec , 2020


Python Intensive Course:
    16th of Nov - 20th of Nov , 2020

Lake Constance / Zurich:

Python Intensive Course:
    7th of Sep - 11st of Sep , 2020
    28th of Sep - 2nd of Oct , 2020
    16th of Nov - 20th of Nov , 2020
Python Course for Data Analysis and Machine Learning:
    10th of Aug - 14th of Aug , 2020
    31st of Aug - 4th of Sep , 2020

Munich / München:

Python Intensive Course:
    15th of Jun - 19th of Jun , 2020


Python Course: Level II:
    2nd of Dec - 6th of Dec , 2019


Python Course for Data Analysis and Machine Learning:
    31st of Aug - 4th of Sep , 2020

Alternatively, you can book one of our courses at our site on Lake Constance close to Zurich, Bregenz, Ulm, Freiburg and Stuttgart. There is at least one course per month.

Contents of our Fundamental Python Course

This training provides a hands-on introduction to the Python language covering object-oriented and functional programming techniques as well.
  • Introduction to Python: What is Python? Origin and intentions. Differences to other programming languages.
  • Using the interactive Python shell
  • Editing and starting Python scripts
  • Fundamentals: Variables, basic data types and assignments. Operators and expressions.
  • Conditional Statements: The details of the if statement and the conditions
  • Loops: While and for-loops
  • Data Types: Lists, Tuples and Dictionaries
  • Lists and stacks
  • Functions and recursive functions
  • File Handling
  • Exception Handling
  • Regular Expressions
  • Modules and Packages
Optional Topics in the 5 days classes:
  • Lambda Expressions
  • List Comprehension
  • Module Tests
  • Generators
  • Object Oriented Programming with Python
  • Python GUI's with Tkinter or Qt (optional)
  • Extending Python with C (optional)

The Costs

The Python courses are reasonably priced. An on-site training class costs USD 1,550 / EUR 1,450 per day for a highly renowned Python trainer. For most areas, the price per day includes the travelling and flight costs for Bernd Klein as well.

Open classes and courses can be booked at prices starting as low as USD 389 / EUR 349 per day in various locations, Amsterdam, Toronto, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Munich (München), Paris, London, Zurich, Bern, Basel, Geneva, Vienna (Wien), Stuttgart and Lake Constance.

Bernd Klein

Bernd Klein enjoys an international reputation as a Python trainer. He offers on-site Python courses in Europe (Switzerland, Austria, Germany, England, Belgium, The Netherlands and France) and client sites all over the world (US and Canada).

Bernd Klein has a diploma in Computer Science from the Saarland University (Saarbrücken) with emphasis on computer languages. He gained teaching experience at the Saarland University, Saarbrücken, and the EWH in Koblenz. He teaches at the University of Freiburg since 2016.

He is the founder and sole holder of Bodenseo.

The Benefits

Live classes by Bernd Klein provide intensive, hands-on, and in-depth introductions to the Python programming language. Additionally, these courses can cover graphical user interfaces like Qt and Tkinter and the database, internet or text processing facilities of Python.

Further Information

For more information about our classes or booking courses, please contact us